HOCHTIEF is enhancing the maintenance depot facilities next to Exeter St David’s Station to support the introduction of new rolling stock and growing passenger numbers. Our scope of works includes a new carriage wash, three-road maintenance shed and offices on a brownfield site next to the existing depot.

Key features:

  • 3 road maintenance depot
  • Staff accommodation – 3 storey office and welfare facilities
  • Link bridge from offices to Exeter St David’s Station
  • Carriage wash
  • Fluid farm and delivery facility
  • Demolition
  • M&E, communications systems, security systems
  • PWay including switches, crossings, turntables
  • Drainage
  • Utilities diversions
  • Culvert diversion

Site logistics were a key challenge as the footprint for installing the depot was only slightly larger than the building itself. We used a self-erecting tower crane to overcome the challenges of working on a constrained site next to live rail lines, which saved 40 days and £375,000.

During an Early Contractor Involvement phase, we engaged collaboratively with both GWR and depot staff to gain a full understanding of their needs. We also worked closely with our designer to develop innovative solutions and efficient construction methods that would minimise disruption.

Our redesign of the retaining wall eliminated risk to an existing culvert and enabled the raised track to be built earlier in the programme. This simplified logistics, saved approximately 50% of the sheet piles installation cost for the emergency track, and eliminated substantial construction risk. We also redesigned a culvert diversion to prevent clashes with depot services, saving time and cost. Meanwhile, by combining the CET and fluid plant rooms, we reduced the cost of the building construction, reduced the footprint on site and improved the drainage layout and containment system.

The project is on track for completion in Spring 2021.