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Bridges and Structures

HOCHTIEF delivers award-winning bridges and structures across the world. In the UK, our structures schemes range in value, from £4m to £1bn, and in scale and complexity, from single span integral road bridges to intricate lifting bridges and the iconic 2.7km cable-stayed Queensferry Crossing.

Infrastructure projects involving challenging civil and structural engineering have always attracted our engineers, and our structures portfolio includes road and rail bridges, viaducts, lifting bridges, cable-stayed bridges, deck and abutment refurbishment and underpasses. We are also adept at dealing with the various challenges involved in the construction of structures, including managing work within rail possessions and road closures, complex logistics, difficult ground conditions and working across urban, rural and marine environments.

Innovation is central to our approach. Methods of bridge sliding where limited space is available that we pioneered in the 1990s have become common practice in the industry, and we are skilled at working with our clients and subcontractors to interrogate designs and devise alternative solutions that maximise efficiency and minimise our impact on the surrounding environment.

We use offsite prefabrication of structural elements to increase quality, save time and reduce risk, and we are well versed in working safely at height, managing phased demolition and complex lifts, using both cranes and Self Propelled Modular Transporters.

Our discerning customers include public and private clients and we work hard to build schemes that deliver added value and provide a legacy of sustained economic improvement for local communities.

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