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Designing underground structures has traditionally been part of HOCHTIEF’s core business and we have been delivering inspiring tunnelling projects both in the UK and worldwide for many years.

Supported by the international engineering expertise of our Technical Competence Centre in Germany, in the UK we deliver major tunnelling projects to facilitate the development of transport and energy infrastructure. Our experience spans a range of tunnelling methods, including cut and cover construction, drill and blast excavation and Tunnel Boring Machines, using both traditional launch methods and our innovative “flying launch” method: faster and safer than traditional processes.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop optimised solutions for each scheme, pushing engineering boundaries to add value and provide savings. We have the skills and expertise to devise innovative solutions to the many challenges involved in working underground, including health and safety issues, difficult ground conditions, and working close to sensitive third-party assets. We are well versed in ensuring that our careful planning, logistics management and stakeholder engagement minimises disruption during construction, and we have experience of tunnelling in both congested urban areas and sensitive rural environments.

We work hard to not only build schemes that both we and our clients can be proud of, but that provide a legacy and aid in creating sustained economic growth in surrounding areas.