Working in joint venture, HOCHTIEF built a new road between Minster Roundabout and the Lord of the Manor Junction on the A299. We delivered 8km of dual carriageway, new roundabouts and junction improvements, as well as two rail crossings: Cliffsend Underpass and Cottington Bridge. The new route has reduced congestion and improved connectivity with Dover and Ramsgate Ports and Kent International Airport.

Key features:

  • 8km dual carriageway
  • Cottington Bridge: 115m two-span bridge over rail
  • Cliffsend Underpass: 126m jacked box underpass below rail
  • £5m utilities diversions
  • 20km drainage, pumping station
  • Roundabouts
  • Footways, cycleways
  • Large embankments, landscaping
  • Detailed environmental and archaeological investigations
  • Wetland creation

With 35,000 vehicles a day using the road network during construction, efficient Traffic Management (TM) was crucial to minimising disruption. We installed TM and scheduled deliveries off-peak to ease congestion. Clear signage diverted vehicles away from local roads, while traffic lights gave priority to general traffic at the main site entrances.

As the new road cut through untouched countryside in a rich archaeological area, we sensitively managed archaeological investigations that led to 10,000 finds on site. To avoid delaying the earthworks completion, we reduced the archaeological scope in agreement with KCC, saving £1.5m, and the project featured on the BBC Big Dig series in 2009, promoting the importance of sensitive construction.

To minimise the scheme’s impact on the environment, we created new wetland areas and reused 99.8% of excavated material for landscaping and embankment creation.

We also developed innovative engineering solutions for the structures, which led to the scheme being delivered five months early. Our input saved £2.5m and contributed to East Kent Access winning the ICE Engineering Excellence Award 2013 for Innovation.