Wakefield Eastern Relief Road reduces congestion and air pollution and encourages commercial growth by providing access to future developments. Working in joint venture, HOCHTIEF delivered 5.5km of new roads, built Wakefield’s first river crossing in over 100 years, and constructed a rail bridge over the new road.

Key features:

  • 5.5km of new road
  • 1200 trail bridge over the new road
  • Over-river road bridge
  • Roundabout reconstruction
  • New junctions 
  • Traffic signals
  • Utilities diversions
  • Footpaths and cycleways
  • Sustainable urban drainage system

During the tender we redesigned the rail bridge foundations so that they could be built offline without impacting the railway. This removed the foundation construction from the critical path, saved £500k and 3-months from the programme. To further provide certainty that the structure would be ready for the possession, we maximised offsite pre construction of the deck and assembled the full 1200t structure offline ready to be lifted in a fully operational state.

To mitigate the risk of high winds preventing installation, we used Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) instead of a crane to lift the bridge into place. During the 56-hour possession, we excavated the embankment and lifted the assembled bridge structure on jacks above the SPMTs before moving it into its new position above the foundations. We completed the works well within the possession time and handed the track back with no issue.

Our proactive approach enabled us to complete the scheme 5 weeks early and save Wakefield Council £700k.Gallery