HOCHTIEF demolished and replaced four road-over-rail bridges in central London as part of TfL’s Structures and Tunnels Investment Portfolio (STIP). Highbury Corner Bridge carries the busy A1 over two rail lines and Highbury & Islington Overground Station and sits under the Highbury & Islington Station forecourt.

Key features:

  • Road-over-rail bridge deck demolition and reconstruction
  • Abutment refurbishment
  • Complex utilities diversions
  • Traffic Management
  • Phased reconstruction

As minimising disruption to the public was a key project objective, Highbury & Islington Station remained operational throughout the works. Our ability to safely manage passenger flows was critical to the project, particularly during match days at the Emirates Stadium, and we worked closely with TfL to keep the public informed about any changes to station access and layout.

We successfully demolished and replaced the first section of bridge over the London Overground line and beneath Highbury & Islington Station during two rail possessions in July 2016 and Easter 2017. Our efficient planning made up two months on the programme and enabled us to deliver the works right first time, removing the need for four follow-up possessions. This reduced disruption, generated savings and allowed us to hand back the Highbury & Islington Station forecourt early.

We completed the main demolition and replacement works over Christmas and New Year 2017/18 during an eight-day rail possession and station closure, carefully monitoring the tracks and abutments during the works to ensure their continued stability. We reconstructed the bridge as planned and the station reopened on time on 8th January 2018.

We achieved a Considerate Constructors Performance Beyond Compliance award and successfully completed Highbury Corner bridge on time. The bridge was also selected as a finalist for Infrastructure Maintenance Project of the Year at the BCIA Awards 2018.