HOCHTIEF is refurbishing the existing wharf at Combwich, which will be used to bring in very large loads during construction of the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. Having completed an initial ECI stage, followed by site investigation and enabling works (Stages 1 and 1a), we are now carrying out construction works to renovate the existing wharf (Stage 2).

Key features:

  • Early contractor involvement
  • Site investigation
  • Demolition
  • Temporary support wall construction
  • Piling
  • Permanent combi pile retaining wall
  • Wharf surfacing
  • Road widening and surfacing
  • Installation of new services: electrical and drainage
  • Haul road loading facility.

Throughout the project, the tidal range of 11m has presented a key challenge. We programme our works around the tides and meticulously plan each activity to ensure we can complete it within each tidal window.

During Stage 1, we successfully completed site investigation works, drilling six boreholes and carrying out Cone Penetrometer Testing. Careful structural analysis meant that we were able to assemble the jack up barge over the old wharf, rather than floating it down to Combwich from Avonmouth by sea, mitigating the risk of delays caused by the weather. 

Stage 2 works are now underway and have involved the construction of a temporary flood bund and legato block retaining wall. The temporary retaining wall supported the existing sheet piled wall during demolition, forms the edge of the piling platform and will remain in place to facilitate the safe reconstruction and strengthening of the wharf.

The project is due for completion in mid-2021.